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Depth Calls to Depth
Spiritual Direction and Jungian Psychology in Dialogue

Depth Calls to Depth: Jungian Psychology and Spiritual Direction in Dialogue draws on the author’s dual background as a Jungian analyst and a spiritual director.  The book demonstrates how Jungian techniques, including dreamwork, can enhance the practice of spiritual direction.  It provides a summary of Jung’s major ideas and methodologies, augmented by extensive accounts of spiritual direction sessions that illustrate their practical application and the process of spiritual unfolding in inner and outer life. Larger issues regarding the relationship between psychology and spirituality are explored, as well as Jung’s complicated relationship with the Christian tradition.  The author’s familiarity with Ignatian spirituality and the work of mystics like Meister Eckhart enables him to show how these approaches can bridge gaps between the Christian and Jungian models of psycho-spiritual growth.

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